Video Production in Perth

Your Experts in Video Production


In the Pre-Production phase of your project we offer every aspect video production service, from permit organisation to scriptwriting and creative development all in house. Our team are here for you from start to finish to ensure your video production runs smoothly.


Every great video production involves some sort of animation and whether it be a simple logo animation to complex complete corporate video our animator is in house. This ensures your project is finished on time and on budget to the high standard expected.


Our team of professionals are not only masters of their craft but are fast thinking solution solvers to ensure minimal disruption and that filming is completed on time and on budget. We only use broadcast quality High Definition cameras and even have a Sony F55 4K CineAlta camera with amazing Fijinon Cabrio lenses going from 19mm right through to 300mm!


Whilst this list probably doesn’t mean much to you but to some this stuff is important, the following is just some of the equipment we have, Lighting – Redheads, Dedos, Litepanels LED Lights, Kino Flow Diva, Grip – Egripment dolly track (11 meters), Jib Arm, Pipe Dolly, Spyder Dolly, Egripment Skateboard Dolly, Portable Green Screen, Sun Swatters and much more.


Whats the point in filming in 4k if you cant edit in it? Thats why we have a Quantel Rio 4K edit suite with the world renowned Neo Nano Colour grading panel backed up by Grade A monitors to ensure your images are of cinematic quality and your video production stands out. Our editors don’t just know how to operate the equipment, they are experts at bringing your story to life!


From corporate videos to television production to great digital content we love to make it all. Almost every week the team produce a 30 minute episode of WA Weekender for the Seven Network, last year alone we produced 46 episodes! So when it comes to experience you will find it hard to find another post production house producing a volume of content greater than us!


Our S6 Mixing desk is the latest offering from Avid and combined with Pro Tools shows our commitment to quality and keeping up with technology. We have hundreds of thousands of music and effects tracks so we are sure to be able to score your video production to perfection. Round our suite out with the voice over booth and you have a complete audio solution.


All the equipment and staff in the world won’t amount to much if you cant deliver your video production. You might need it for YouTube or Facebook, perhaps you need physical copies we have you covered. Our Rimage robotic DVD Duplicators are Blu-ray capable and if it is USB copies you require we have a Nexcopy USB Duplicator which is a lot easier than doing 1 at a time!